Gigabit Passive Optical Networks

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) Solutions ; Quod Erat Demonstratum Sdn. Bhd. has been involved in the Information Technology and Telecommunications Industries, and this has culminated in the spearheading of revolutionary leading edge GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology in the Construction and Property Development Industry.

GPON technology has already been in use by the telecommunication companies worldwide for many years, and this means that GPON is a stable technology developed according to open telecommunications (ITU) standards worldwide.

QED saw the potential in GPON technology, and the many benefits it brings to the Property Development Industry, and has brought it to be used on the Enterprise level to bring true broadband to the many businesses and homes, whilst revolutionizing the Construction & Property Development Industry in the process.

The separation of the ELV (Electrical) products & services from telecommunications services is now a thing of the past, with GPON amalgamating both into one advanced, state-of-the-art, easy to implement package for property developers to install in their properties for maximum benefits to their end customers (property purchasers), and savings in redundant old networks and cabling.

Here is how GPON works in a nutshell; download the PDF file.