Quod Erat Demonstratum Sdn. Bhd. is a limited liability company set up by the founder and his Board to address 3 market segments in the Telecommunication & Property Development industry, the Information Technology industry, and the Payment Technologies and Distribution markets. The founder and his team were involved in the conception-consultancy-to-roll-out of GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) in Masterskills University, and many payment projects and implementations for the last eleven years, in the Asian region.

The depth and spread of QED’s expertise and experience in implementing GPON in the Enterprise Property Development market is unrivaled in Malaysia. Working closely with industry stalwarts such as Telekom Malaysia and Huawei, as well as many well established property developers and far-sighted consultant engineers, QED has started the inevitable paradigm shift from the conventional infrastructure to the new and phenomenal GPON architecture, to be utilized throughout the new property development market.

With GPON, condominiums, buildings, universities, hotels, hospitals, office complexes, townships, will be fully equipped with segmentable high bandwidth, high availability of services (with a 100% fully redundant GPON infrastructure), enabling them to deploy smart building/ homes systems, and green environmentally friendly properties, at a lower capital and operational cost than conventional systems.

QED’s track record in the Payment Technologies industry includes back-end switching solutions for clearing, settlement and reconciliation, government payment switches, inter-bank payment switches and retail payment switches, all the way to card management systems, smart card lifecycle management systems, post-issuance, security (encryption & decryption techniques, biometrics, consumer behaviour analysis, digital certificates etc.), personalization processes, EMV processes for credit cards issuance and usage, key management systems, debit and e-cash card programs, payment terminal deployment, mobile commerce, and e-commerce.Loyalty/ lifestyle systems too, feature very strongly as a natural extension of payment technologies. Customer touch-points are analyzed as to their fit and depth of interaction with the customer/ client.

Given that QED was started at the beginning of the global recession sparked off by the sub-prime crisis in the USA, the founder scouted around for recession-proof business to be involved in and discovered products and services that would save corporations a lot of money in their bid to cut spending. QED then took on the role of Master Distributor and started distributing ServersCheck total integrated monitoring solutions, that monitors not only the network, but down to the application level, and with environmental and security sensors to monitor the server rooms, data centres, outstation or overseas branches, telco base stations, and so on, for temperature, humidity, power loss, vibration, airflow, and flooding.